Monday, August 18, 2008

Recent Happenings

Hola. It has been a while since I made a full and meaningful post, the last having been deleted because of a Blogger failure. So what have I been up to?

Not much, really. The same ol' routine has been keeping my life normal. My work schedule fluctuated a bit last week due to the Indiana State Fair. I went to it on Friday to watch my boss participate in a Climate Change Q&A. Most of you know that I work at the Indiana State Climate Office but here is an example of what I do. Unfortunately students have made their way back for another year of drunken debauchery and supposed learning. The campus is much more peaceful without them. I know Kelly agrees.

Taking a step back in time, on August 9th Kelly and I traveled down to Indianapolis. Kelly needed to try on and buy her bridesmaid dress for a friends wedding and also look for bridesmaid dresses for our wedding (in 320 days). Afterwards Kelly treated me to an absolutely amazing dinner at the fames St. Elmo Steakhouse in downtown Indianapolis. The food was delectable; probably the second best steak I have ever eaten (Shula's remains numero uno). Prior to our dinner reservations, Kelly and I took in the city. I was able to snap a few pictures, including this one of me in front of the Indianapolis Colts new stadium.

Over the last 10 days Kelly and I have watched the Olympics religiously. We have watched every single swimming event - with and without Michael Phelps - as well as women's gymnastics and beach volleyball. We even took in some basketball, rowing, badminton, cycling, marathon running, water polo, and track. A full recap of Week 1 can be read here.

More recently Kelly and I journeyed to the movies for the latest Star Wars installment, The Clone Wars. Kelly and I both agreed that while a few points were a bit odd and/or annoying, the movie overall was acceptable. I, for one, am not upset that I paid a few bucks to go see it. However, I am not clamoring to see it again. I can wait for the DVD. The following will include some spoilers so if anyone hasn't seen it and is planning to, stop reading. I really disliked the beginning. No word crawl? No original John Williams music? That started things off on a bad note, literally. While the music was acceptable and the Word War II era news-like reading was different, it didn't feel like Star Wars. The opening battle on Christophsis is cool as is the Battle of Teth. The animation style doesn't bother me and I loved how involved the clone troopers and Captain Rex were throughout the movie. Besides the opening, the things that bothered me the most were the pet names Anakin and Ahsoka had for each other and other items. Anakin repeatedly calling Ahsoka 'Snipps' got on my nerves. The same goes for Ahsoka referring to Anakin as 'Skyguy'. What crap. And if Ahsoka calls R2-D2 'Artooey' one more time I may scream. Oh and another thing, we knew the huttlet (Rotta) stank. No need to refer to him as 'Stinky' the entire movie. And Ziro the Hutt? For shame. Not only do Hutts not speak Basic (English) why was he made so flamboyant? Not that I have anything against that but it doesn't fit the evil crime lord mold, ya know? They really dropped the ball on him. I wish the Senate Guards and Commander Fox would have been featured more (hopefully they will be in the cartoon series). I can't really complain about the cheesy jokes. I understand this latest installment was aimed a little more at kids than the die-hard fans (despite the critics holding it to a level comparable to the 6 main movies). Hopefully this will snare in some new young fans and keep the saga going for many more decades. Despite its shortcomings the movie is still fun and enjoyable, even if it won't win any awards. End spoilers.

So that's what I have been up to. Not that much different than usual but I hadn't posted in a while and I wanted to keep everyone in the loop!

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