Wednesday, July 30, 2008

High Resolution Images from Upcoming Waves

The collecting site Jedi Insider, referenced here numerous times before, has a veritable jungle of new high resolution images from all things Star Wars. Below are the Clone Trooper images. Head on over to Jedi Insider for much, much more!

The Legacy Collection: Wave 3

The Clone Wars: Wave 2

The Legacy Collection: Wave 4

Those are some pretty sweet looking figures. I definitely like the Phase 1 Cody and Oddball. The above photos are from Jedi Insider. Those below are compliments of Galactic Hunter. Send some traffic their way as well.

The Legacy Collection: Wave 4

The Legacy Collection: Battle Packs

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Captain Rex Has Arrived ... Finally!

The Clone Wars "preview" figure of the clean version of Captain Rex has arrived - 3 days after the debut of the entire line. You could obtain this figure through a mail-away offer. You had to send 4 UPCs from the 30th Anniversary Collection figures plus a check for $6.99 and you'd receive this exclusive preview figure prior to the debut of the new line. Except that didn't happen. In May the distributors sent out a postcard stating that there had been a manufacturing delay and that the figure would not arrive until July. That gave them almost 4 weeks to ship them out prior to the launch of the new lines. A few people received their figure on July 24th or 25th. Most will receive it over the next 2 or 3 weeks. Ball officially dropped. Here are some pictures of the preview Rex I received...

The box Captain Rex arrives in.

Removal of Rex from the box.

The preview Captain Rex figure is clean, where as the one at retail sports a dirty/damaged look.

And here is the card back. Besides the changes in the appearance of his armor, Preview Rex's box folds down into a 3-D display, a la the Darktrooper and Spacetrooper from POTF2.

The Preview Captain Rex has been added to my TCW page. In addition, I have edited and opened my Comics and Books pages. Enjoy!

Deep Breaths...

UPDATE: Per, Activision Public Relations Manager Maclean Marshall has stated, "First and foremost, the game is absolutely not canceled. The company (Activision) is reviewing its options regarding those titles that it will not be publishing.

So Activision is indeed dumping Ghostbusters but it has not been canceled. The game will more than likely be delayed but hopefully someone out there steps up and grabs the distribution agreement soon, so the game still makes its way to consoles this fall or early winter. Please?

Word on the wide world of the Internet is that Ghostbusters: The Video Game may be at risk for delay or, at worst, cancellation. Recently Activision Blizzard took over Sierra and the game will now be published by them... maybe. Recent announcements from Activision have left Ghostbusters in limbo. They were not mentioned specifically as one of the games that would remain on Activision's plate. Activision plans to keep Spyro, Crash, Ice Age, and Prototype, as well as a 5th franchise not yet named. Could the 5th franchise be Ghostbusters? Possibly, but no word yet. This has caused (dogs and cats, living together) MASS HYSTERIA on the 'net. Some stories have been premature and announcing that the game has been, indeed, canceled. This is false. Noone has stated that this has happened. And it most likely won't. The game is too far a long and this game has franchise power behind it. People have been waiting for this game for almost 2 decades!

Vivendi will not comment. GamePro says it is canceled (not true, yet). As does CustomPC. Vooks is sticking with the "Activision not publishing it" story. Ditto for Boomtown. Destructoid has a quote from a Sierra PR representative stating "It is not cancelled and will not be cancelled."

Let's hope this indeed is not true. Even if Activision will not publish anymore, rumors have Sony finding someone else. And fast. The Ghostbusters name and franchise is huge and well-known. As long as it doesn't get canceled, it will be released.

For more information head on over to Proton Charging,, or

Monday, July 28, 2008

Comic-Con Exclusives Available

For those people that were unable to attend the 2008 San Diego Comic-Con (like me), exclusives from Star Wars Shop and Hasbro Toy Shop are now on their respective sites. Head on over to to grab the Clone Trooper Senate Security exclusive figure. Then go right to for the Commander Gree Mighty Mugg and the Disturbance in the Force exclusives. Supplies are limited! Act fast!

There have been a slew of updates to my collection pages again. I corrected a few images that had been misrepresented as well as adding more placeholders for items I have obtained - but have yet to photograph - over the past few months. Expect pictures of them a week from tomorrow. Also, I published 3 new pages for your viewing pleasure: Star Wars Transformers, Trooper Variants, and Non-Trooper Figures.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Star Wars Motherload

Today is the day. And things couldn't have gone any better than they did. I woke up at 7:25 in order to be a Target for their opening at 8am. Kelly and I pulled into the parking lot at about 7:50am. There were a few other customers waiting in cars in the parking lot. This made me a bit nervous. At about 7:56am Target opened their doors. Kelly and I walked backed to the toy section behind 2 people. This made me even more nervous. I turned the corner and saw 2 endcaps with Clone Wars goodies. One of the customers in front of me peeled off for the matchbox cars. Phew. However the other customer was going to the same area as me. Kelly and I go to one endcap and I started grabbing the figures I wanted. This endcap had a mixture of The Clone Wars and The Legacy Collection figures as well as some roleplaying items and a Millennium Falcon. I snatched that Falcon - the only one in the store - as well as the Target exclusive Commander Fox. After the endcaps Kelly and I rounded the corner into the aisles and continued to find the figures I was searching for. The bottom shelf had 2 AT-TEs and I grabbed one. Between the endcaps and the aisle I was able to locate 10 of the figures I wanted. From The Clone Wars: Target Exclusive Commander Fox, Obi-Wan Kenobi with Generals Armor, Obi-Wan Kenobi with Generals Armor (1st Day of Issue variant), Clone Trooper, Captain Rex, and Captain Rex (1st Day of Issue variant). From The Legacy Collection: Saga Legends Clone Trooper, Greatest Hits Commander Gree (1st Day of Issue variant), Greatest Hits Kashyyyk Trooper (1st Day of Issue variant), and a Greatest Hits Imperial EVO Trooper (1st Day of Issue variant). Sprinkled in with the figures and large vehicles were the Clone Trooper Voice Changer Helmet, Clone Trooper and Stormtrooper Blasters, and the $19.99 vehicles: AT-AP Walker, V-19 Torrent, V-wing Starfighter, all of which I picked up. After the Target haul there wasn't much left to get but I still planned to go to Wal-Mart and Toys R Us.

At Wal-Mart they had pallets of Millennium Falcons and AT-TEs. At least 10 of each. Back in the aisle I found the remaining figures and variants I wanted. From The Clone Wars: Clone Trooper (1st Day of Issue variant) and the Imperial Pilot Legacy Evolutions pack. From The Legacy Collection: Greatest Hits Commander Gree, Greatest Hits Kashyyyk Trooper, Greatest Hits Imperial EVO Trooper, Clone SCUBA Trooper, Clone Trooper with Quad Cannon, and an Obi-Wan Kenobi with Generals Armor. And that was everything I wanted!!!

But of course I went to Toys R Us anyway. Kelly and I pulled in their just a few minutes before 9am, when they opened. We entered the store and the front aisle was somewhat decorated for The Clone Wars. I say somewhat because the employees were still decorating and unpacking everything. They knew this was coming for close to 5 weeks and they weren't prepared. Fail. Luckily I had already purchased all that I wanted so it wasn't as big a deal. There was another gentleman there going through everything the employees put out as soon as it hit the pegs. Try Target and Wal-Mart, buddy! Overall it was a successful and spectacular morning.

In accordance with the new items I have updated my TCW and TLC pages. Check out all of my new stuff!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Target Prepares Their Shelves

Today is Thursday, which means I got off work early and went on a toy run. The pickings have been slim these last few weeks since the retail stores have not been restocking in anticipation for Saturday. Target has had their Star Wars items on clearance now for the past 2 weeks. Today when I went to Wal-Mart and Target, I noticed some changes to the toy aisles. At Wal-Mart, my first stop, they had removed a smaller section of Star Wars figures all together. Back at the larger area of Star Wars items there were absolutely no basic figures to be found. However, they had a bunch of comic packs that were spread out over 7 or 8 pegs. This is presumably to save the area for the new collections due out Saturday. I also noticed on the bottom shelf a Clone Wars item that was not supposed to be available until this weekend: the ultimate lightsaber kit. Unfortunately I forgot to snap a picture of it. It was the only item that breached the street date. You could tell Wal-Mart was getting ready to reload.

My next stop was at Target. I went back to the toy aisles and walked to the normal spot for Star Wars items and there was nothing! I quickly turned around and realized that the open space at the beginning of the aisle had a few Star Wars items such as transformers and The Force Unleashed lightsabers. But that didn't explain all the empty pegs and a bright red sign in the middle of the section. I walked over to it and noticed that all the pegs were labeled for the Clone Wars and Legacy Collection figures! The sign stated that the store was preparing for a new display. I snapped a few pictures for the world to see.

Target sign basically announcing that new stuff is coming!

Clone Wars basic figure price. Yuck. $7.99 is gettin' a wee bit expensive.

Sweeeeet! Come to my mouth ice cream!

Saturday morning is so close! New Star Wars things here I come!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Something, Something, Something Dark Side

The title card from the second Family Guy Star Wars parody.

The crew at Family Guy sure do love Star Wars, don't they? After last years hit, "Blue Harvest", the FOX comedy is ready for part two (or is that Part V?). While widely rumored since the debut of "Blue Harvest", a parody on Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back will definitely be aired in the coming television year. Seth McFarlane says that the script for the episode, thoughtfully titled "Something, Something, Something, Dark Side", has been complete for a few months now. There is even a small preview for the second installment on the Blue Harvest DVD released in January. Some of the noteworthy additions to "Something..." will be Ernie the Giant Chicken as Boba Fett and Ollie Williams as Lando Calrissian. Fun stuff. Now word yet on when this show will air but it is possible that it may not be until May 2009, as indicated by this episode list on the episodes Wikipedia page. They are sorted by episode number. Episodes routinely air out of order but you can see that "Something..." is the last one listed.

For those of you wondering where they got this title, it is actually from a joke in a previous Family Guy episode from season 5 known as "Barely Legal". In the episode there is a tangent association (surprise, surprise) with the Emperor and how he can make anything sound evil by adding 'dark side' or 'complete' to the sentence.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

3rd Ghostbusters Game Test Up

Think you can clean traps with the best of them? Can you do it whilst dickless Walter Peck tries to stop your venture once again? Go ahead and try for yourself at the Ghostbusters game website. The trap cleanin' test is the 3rd of 6 games leading up to the debut of the video game at the end of October. After you play you will get a look at the trap from the game and a cool new banner (see it at the bottom of this page). And remember, "if the light is green, the trap is clean".

The Activision logo has replaced the Sierra logo.

Another Round of Site Updates

My collection pages have been getting a steady flow of updates this month and the trend shall continue. Today was a big one as I recently was able to track down a fair amount of basic figures from The Saga Collection as well as one each from the Star Wars Saga line and the 30th Anniversary Collection. I also went through the recent Hasbro documents published on The Legacy Collection and The Clone Wars lines and created pages for them here. My TLC and TCW pages list what I will be attempting to track down this summer and fall. I'll be doing rounds Saturday morning and may be able to publish some photos of my haul later that day. I'm hoping to nab an AT-TE and Millennium Falcon at least!

Besides pictures of my Saturday morning loot, expect more pictures of recently acquired items in early August. I'll be back in the Reading, PA area from July 30th until August 4th. I expect to update the site with many more pictures on the 5th. Be on the look out!

Monday, July 21, 2008

My Checklist for Saturday

Well Saturday is the big day (or night if you are lucky enough to have a Toys R Us doing "Midnight Madness"). In anticipation of the event I thought I'd outline what I will be attempting to pick up at Wal-Mart, Target, and Toys R Us that fateful morning.

The Clone Wars
  • Wave 1 -
    • Captain Rex
    • Captain Rex (1st Day of Issue variant)
    • Clone Trooper
    • Clone Trooper (1st Day of Issue variant)
    • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    • Obi-Wan Kenobi (1st Day of Issue variant)
  • Vehicles
    • AT-TE
  • Roleplaying
    • Clone Trooper Voice Changer Helmet
    • Clone Trooper Blaster
  • Exclusives
    • Commander Fox - Target

The Legacy Collection
  • Wave 1
    • Commander Gree
    • Commander Gree (1st Day of Issue variant)
    • Kashyyyk Trooper
    • Kashyyyk Trooper (1st Day of Issue variant)
    • Evo Trooper
    • Evo Trooper (1st Day of Issue variant)
  • Saga Legends
    • Clone Trooper
  • Evolutions
    • Clone Imperial Pilots Legacy
  • Vehicles
    • V-19 Torrent Starfighter
    • AT-AP Walker
    • V-wing Starfighter
    • Millennium Falcon
So there it is. That is a lot of stuff to find on the first day. The biggest things are the foil "First Day of Issue" figures and the AT-TE and Millennium Falcon. The rest I should be able to find through August. Gonna be a crazy Saturday morning!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hasbro Prepares for July 26th

New Hasbro page, inspired by The Clone Wars.

With Star Wars collecting D-day less than 2 weeks away, the official supplier of toys has overhauled their website. Hasbro's Star Wars section now sports a cool Clone Wars deco. On the site you can download the Official Hasbro Handbook for The Clone Wars as well as a complete checklist of all things coming from the toy factory through mid-November! The checklist includes everything for The Clone Wars and The Legacy Collection plus roleplaying items and more.

The cover of the Official Hasbro Handbook for The Clone Wars series.

Looking over the checklist, some highlights include:
  • 3 different Clone Trooper voice changer helmets. The plain white version will be on shelves starting 7/26. The Target exclusive red painted (Captain) helmet with headlight is set to debut 9/7. The third and final helmet looks to be the Wal-Mart exclusive blue (Lieutenant), which does not include the headlight.
  • We have known for a while now what would be included in waves 1 and 2 of The Legacy Collection. With the checklist we now see wave 3. Here they are: Coruscant Clone Trooper, Jodo Kast, Yaddle & Evan Piell, Saleucami Clone Trooper, Holographic Count Dooku, Imperial Engineer from Battlefront II. 3 more clones, w00t! Wave 3 is set to hit shelves on 9/25.
  • Waves 2 and 3 of The Clone Wars has also been announced through the Handbook/Checklist. Wave 2 of The Clone Wars collection is only 4 figures: Ahsoka Tano, Clone Commander Cody, Clone Pilot Oddball, and Super Battle Droid. They are due on shelves 10/8. Wave 3 hits a little over a month later (11/15) with Count Dooku, Plo Koon, Asajj Ventress, C-3PO, Destroyer Droid, and IG-86 Assassin Droid.
  • An upcoming Wal-Mart Exclusive: 501st Legion figure, 8/17
  • Upcoming Target exclusives: Clone Commander Fox, 7/27; Yoda & Coruscant Guard Battle Pack and Obi-Wan Kenobi & 212th Attack Battalion Clone Troopers Battle Pack, 11/23
Here is a snippet of the Hasbro Fall 2008 checklist.

The guides are a big help but there are definitely things absent. Hasbro didn't list some of the battle packs and there is no mention of the Republic Gunships. Hmmmmm....

High School Teammate, Friend Engaged ... Did I Mention He is a NFL Quarterback?

Dolphins 2nd round pick Chad Henne has been relaxing back home before he starts his first NFL training camp on July 26th in Miami. A friend of mine spotted him at the Wilson High School gymnasium running sprints (good to know he is working out during his time off). He was also in Leesport, PA on Saturday for an autograph session. It seems as though the night before said session, Chad made a huge life decision; he asked his girlfriend of many years (reported as 7, that sounds about right) to marry him. The South Florida Sun-Sentinel picked up on this. Omar Kelly, in his Dolphins blog, had this to say:

Um, thanks for the life lesson? Anyway, the blue text in the excerpt linked to this article from the Reading Eagle. According to the paper, Chad gave Brittany Hartman a 5.2 carat diamond ring. Damn! This leads me to believe that he will be signing his first multi-million dollar contract with Miami any day now. And that is good news for Dolphin fans.

As most of you know, I played football with Chad through much of my schooling at Wilson and followed his career at Michigan with great interest. Having the Dolphins draft him was quite exciting, since Miami has been my favorite team my entire life. I also was friends with Brittany through high school and it makes me happy to know that they are still together and now engaged. Congratulations, Chad and Brittany!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Yesterday I was in Bethlehem, PA, listening to the teaching of His Holiness, the Dali Lama (yeah, I can't believe it myself), so I completely missed the 2008 Home Run Derby. And I'm sorry I did.

I've Got Chills, They're Multiplayin'

Friday, July 11, 2008

Apple's Epic Fail

As pretty much everyone knows, today, July 11th, 2008, was to be a big day for Apple, AT&T, and iPhone users worldwide. Apple, with AT&T, were to debut the iPhone 3g today at 8am. Apple was also releasing the firmware 2.0 update for original iPhone owners. The 2.0 update would fix some minor problems, edit some features, and add some new ones, most specifically the 'Apps' store. Things have not gone as planned.

Like almost all original iPhone users I tried to upgrade from firmware 1.1.4 to 2.0 this morning. Everything goes peachy until you have to reactivate the phone. Something happened. The iTunes servers failed. Why? Because of the sheer overload of people downloading the 2.0 update and reactivating their phones, not to mention people trying to activate new 3g models. Apple didn't see this coming? They have said that the first iteration of the iPhone sold over 6 million units. Did they not assume most of them would want the latest update almost immediately?

So just reboot/restore the phone, you say? Nu-uh. Ain't gonna happen. See you're phone is technically dead right now because it isn't activated. There is no way to restore it until it is. Good job Apple. What are we left with? Here is what I have right now...

All I can do is keep trying iTunes until I can reactivate. Not a big deal for me except that I don't have a land line so I have no form of telecommunication at the moment. However, there are people traveling and working; you'd be surprised how many people relied on this device to run their everyday lives. They are unable to make or receive calls and cannot access anything on-the-go. Pathetic.

I'm not an Apple fan to begin with, however obviously the iPhone really piqued my interest. I could do without Mac stuff, computer-wise, forever. But the iPhone I liked. However, Apple has completely failed it's loyal supporters and fans plus alienating anyone on the fence.

Am I being too harsh? No. This problem happened last year, too, and Apple did nothing to fix it more than 365 days later. A day that was supposed to be great for iPhone users has turned into a nightmare for them and the big business conglomerates.

Here are some articles that you may find interesting...
iPhone Crushing iTunes Store?
Apple Overwhelmed by iPhone 2.0 Update
iPhone 2.0 Update Wreaks Havoc on 1st-Gen Devices
The iPhone 2.0 Update - Don't Do it Kids
Apple's iPhone 2.0 Update is Failing
Others Get iPhone 3g, I Get iBrick 2
iTunes Store Problem Leaves iPhone Users Hanging

UPDATE: All is well. My phone finally unbricked when I was able to successfully connect through iTunes. My update completed in about 10 minutes and I restored my settings in 5 minutes. I started the update at 8:30am today and was finished at 3:30pm today. After 7 hours of trying many differnt things I have the iPhone 2.0. Bryan can vouch for me; I talked to him for almost 1 hour after my phone worked again. :-)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Who Ya Gonna . . . Ah, You Know Where This is Going

Eurogamer has a nice interview with Ernie Hudson, who readily admits that he's being pimped out by Sierra and Sony and everyone else involved with the new Ghostbusters video game. And he's totally cool with that.
In typical circumstances Hudson would be doing the same. "Usually I do these conventions, and I sit at a table and I sell autographs to you guys for 15 pounds or something. Which is really kind of cheesy," he says. "But I'm down here for the guys who made the Ghostbusters game, so I'm here to sign for free. You can come by without worrying I'm going to take your money. If you want to take photos, feel free. Come by and say hello."
Read the entire interview to learn interesting tidbits about the original movie script (hint: Ray wasn't initially responsible for the appearance of the Marshmallow Man), the joys of being harassed with an endless refrain of "Who ya gonna call?" while walking down the street, and Hudson's Tetris obsession. You won't learn anything new about the game, but who cares. It'll be here in less than four months.

Monday, July 7, 2008

New Celebration 5 Information

It's not a lot but it is something. The Baltimore Business Journal is reporting that Lucasfilm, Ltd. is considering Baltimore as host city for Star Wars Celebration V in mid- to late-Spring 2009 or 2010. According to the Journal, there are 4 other cities still being considered: Minneapolis, Chicago, Orlando, and Indianapolis, which hosted Celebration II (2002) and III (2005). Celebration IV was in Los Angeles in 2007. The first Celebration was held in Denver in 1999. There has also been a Celebration Europe (2006) and later this month will be the first Celebration Japan. The rumors on the 'net right now believe that Lucasfilm may make a formal announcement of plans for CV at either San Diego Comic-Con or Celebration Japan. Celebration V would most likely be held fro a few days between April 15th and May 31st, based on previous Celebration dates.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Independence Day!

"Celebrate the independence of your nation by blowing up a small part of it." --The Simpsons

Diorama picture by Stephen Hayford via Rebel Scum.

Happy 4th! Hope everyone has wonderful day of sun, baseball, food, and fireworks! In one year from today Kelly and I will be getting married! Holy crap!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Betrayal: A Crazy Halo 3 Video

This is freaking hilarious. Watch this amazing multiplayer Halo 3 video. Best. Betrayal. Ever. If you don't see it as it happens don't worry, the author goes through it step-by-step using the awesome replay engine.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

New Star Wars Encyclopedia

The most famous Star Wars aficionado will be publishing another edition of the Star Wars Encyclopedia. The first edition - published just over 10 years ago - contained 384 pages of information on everything in the Star Wars universe, all the way through the Special Edition rereleases. Of course you know that since that release, 3 other movies have hit the big screen since then so it is safe to say that the Encyclopedia is a wee bit out-of-date (not to mention all of the Expanded Universes stuff left out). Del Rey published the Sansweet et. al. Encyclopedia on June 30, 1998.

Don't expect the final version to look like this. Rumors are it has 3 volumes, not 2.

The 2nd Edition of Sansweet's Star Wars Encyclopedia - currently titled The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia - is set to be released (as of this writing) on November 18th, 2008. You can preorder it through Amazon by following the link above. Amazon has had the book listed since late March of this year and since their first posting, the book has had a few changes. First the title and first glimpse has been shown (though both are subject to change). Also, the Star Wars folk at The have found some more tidbits from some inside sources. It looks as though the final release will be 3 volumes totaling between 1,300-1,750 pages and retail at $125. Damn! It looks like there will be 5x as much content as the first edition. It has been confirmed that, obviously, information on all 6 movies will be included. Also, expect background information on the Marvel and Dark Horse comics as well as the new Clone Wars movie and cartoon. There is no word on whether any book or previous Clone Wars content will be included (but it would make sense if this beast is 1,500+ pages).

I have had this baby preordered since March 31st. When I placed my order the release date was November 4th and it was listed for a mere $47.25. The retail has now been boosted to $125 and the Amazon preorder price is $78.75. Will my original price hold up? My current order status shows it has but that could change. I hope not. What a steal that would be! Brand new for under $50!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

One Last Kungaloosh

The Walt Disney Company and Walt Disney World have announced that Pleasure Island will be undergoing massive refurbishments starting this fall. For new things to arrive old things must leave. Unfortunately for the thousands that frequent Pleasure Island (opened 1989), the original mainstays are leaving. September 27, 2008 will be the final act, show, and dance of the remaining Pleasure Island night clubs. The Adventurer's Club, The Comedy Warehouse, Mannequins Dance Palace, 8 Trax, BET Sound-Stage Club, and Motion will be no more. Personally the dance places were of no interest but The Adventurer's Club and The Comedy Warehouse were gems. I have been to the Disney World Resort well over 15 times but never ventured to Pleasure Island prior to 2006. Kelly suggested that we go to Pleasure Island so that I could witness the hilarious events and amazing ensemble cast at those two clubs. I was not disappointed.

For those of you that haven't been to either, The Comedy Warehouse is just "Who's Line Is It Anyway?" but live on stage, interacting with the audience. It's just as good - if not better - than the TV show. The Adventurer's Club is harder to describe. I'm not great with words so head over to this site for a great look at the best place in Pleasure Island.

People are trying to save Pleasure Island. There is an online petition to save The Adventurer's Club and people are encouraging others to write letters. Whether or not this works in the end is unknown. I am indifferent over the survival of the dance clubs but do want The Comedy Warehouse and The Adventurer's Club to stay.

If September 27, 2008 is the last day that these great entertainment clubs are open than it will be a sad, sad day. I may have only frequented their space twice but each provided enough laughs to last a lifetime. Thank you, Adventurer's Club and Comedy Warehouse. You will be deeply missed.

It Is Confirmed: Midnight Madness at Toys R Us

The official release states that more than 225 stores will be involved in the midnight opening and that all 585 stores will have digital countdown to midnight July 25/26. There is no list of stores that will participate in the midnight opening so best to ask the help at your store. Even if mine doesn't open at midnight, I'll be there by 9am when they normally open on a Saturday. Target at 8am, Toys R Us at 9am. Totally worth getting up for.