Thursday, July 10, 2008

Who Ya Gonna . . . Ah, You Know Where This is Going

Eurogamer has a nice interview with Ernie Hudson, who readily admits that he's being pimped out by Sierra and Sony and everyone else involved with the new Ghostbusters video game. And he's totally cool with that.
In typical circumstances Hudson would be doing the same. "Usually I do these conventions, and I sit at a table and I sell autographs to you guys for 15 pounds or something. Which is really kind of cheesy," he says. "But I'm down here for the guys who made the Ghostbusters game, so I'm here to sign for free. You can come by without worrying I'm going to take your money. If you want to take photos, feel free. Come by and say hello."
Read the entire interview to learn interesting tidbits about the original movie script (hint: Ray wasn't initially responsible for the appearance of the Marshmallow Man), the joys of being harassed with an endless refrain of "Who ya gonna call?" while walking down the street, and Hudson's Tetris obsession. You won't learn anything new about the game, but who cares. It'll be here in less than four months.

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