Wednesday, July 2, 2008

New Star Wars Encyclopedia

The most famous Star Wars aficionado will be publishing another edition of the Star Wars Encyclopedia. The first edition - published just over 10 years ago - contained 384 pages of information on everything in the Star Wars universe, all the way through the Special Edition rereleases. Of course you know that since that release, 3 other movies have hit the big screen since then so it is safe to say that the Encyclopedia is a wee bit out-of-date (not to mention all of the Expanded Universes stuff left out). Del Rey published the Sansweet et. al. Encyclopedia on June 30, 1998.

Don't expect the final version to look like this. Rumors are it has 3 volumes, not 2.

The 2nd Edition of Sansweet's Star Wars Encyclopedia - currently titled The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia - is set to be released (as of this writing) on November 18th, 2008. You can preorder it through Amazon by following the link above. Amazon has had the book listed since late March of this year and since their first posting, the book has had a few changes. First the title and first glimpse has been shown (though both are subject to change). Also, the Star Wars folk at The have found some more tidbits from some inside sources. It looks as though the final release will be 3 volumes totaling between 1,300-1,750 pages and retail at $125. Damn! It looks like there will be 5x as much content as the first edition. It has been confirmed that, obviously, information on all 6 movies will be included. Also, expect background information on the Marvel and Dark Horse comics as well as the new Clone Wars movie and cartoon. There is no word on whether any book or previous Clone Wars content will be included (but it would make sense if this beast is 1,500+ pages).

I have had this baby preordered since March 31st. When I placed my order the release date was November 4th and it was listed for a mere $47.25. The retail has now been boosted to $125 and the Amazon preorder price is $78.75. Will my original price hold up? My current order status shows it has but that could change. I hope not. What a steal that would be! Brand new for under $50!

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