Tuesday, July 1, 2008

One Last Kungaloosh

The Walt Disney Company and Walt Disney World have announced that Pleasure Island will be undergoing massive refurbishments starting this fall. For new things to arrive old things must leave. Unfortunately for the thousands that frequent Pleasure Island (opened 1989), the original mainstays are leaving. September 27, 2008 will be the final act, show, and dance of the remaining Pleasure Island night clubs. The Adventurer's Club, The Comedy Warehouse, Mannequins Dance Palace, 8 Trax, BET Sound-Stage Club, and Motion will be no more. Personally the dance places were of no interest but The Adventurer's Club and The Comedy Warehouse were gems. I have been to the Disney World Resort well over 15 times but never ventured to Pleasure Island prior to 2006. Kelly suggested that we go to Pleasure Island so that I could witness the hilarious events and amazing ensemble cast at those two clubs. I was not disappointed.

For those of you that haven't been to either, The Comedy Warehouse is just "Who's Line Is It Anyway?" but live on stage, interacting with the audience. It's just as good - if not better - than the TV show. The Adventurer's Club is harder to describe. I'm not great with words so head over to this site for a great look at the best place in Pleasure Island.

People are trying to save Pleasure Island. There is an online petition to save The Adventurer's Club and people are encouraging others to write letters. Whether or not this works in the end is unknown. I am indifferent over the survival of the dance clubs but do want The Comedy Warehouse and The Adventurer's Club to stay.

If September 27, 2008 is the last day that these great entertainment clubs are open than it will be a sad, sad day. I may have only frequented their space twice but each provided enough laughs to last a lifetime. Thank you, Adventurer's Club and Comedy Warehouse. You will be deeply missed.

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