Thursday, July 24, 2008

Target Prepares Their Shelves

Today is Thursday, which means I got off work early and went on a toy run. The pickings have been slim these last few weeks since the retail stores have not been restocking in anticipation for Saturday. Target has had their Star Wars items on clearance now for the past 2 weeks. Today when I went to Wal-Mart and Target, I noticed some changes to the toy aisles. At Wal-Mart, my first stop, they had removed a smaller section of Star Wars figures all together. Back at the larger area of Star Wars items there were absolutely no basic figures to be found. However, they had a bunch of comic packs that were spread out over 7 or 8 pegs. This is presumably to save the area for the new collections due out Saturday. I also noticed on the bottom shelf a Clone Wars item that was not supposed to be available until this weekend: the ultimate lightsaber kit. Unfortunately I forgot to snap a picture of it. It was the only item that breached the street date. You could tell Wal-Mart was getting ready to reload.

My next stop was at Target. I went back to the toy aisles and walked to the normal spot for Star Wars items and there was nothing! I quickly turned around and realized that the open space at the beginning of the aisle had a few Star Wars items such as transformers and The Force Unleashed lightsabers. But that didn't explain all the empty pegs and a bright red sign in the middle of the section. I walked over to it and noticed that all the pegs were labeled for the Clone Wars and Legacy Collection figures! The sign stated that the store was preparing for a new display. I snapped a few pictures for the world to see.

Target sign basically announcing that new stuff is coming!

Clone Wars basic figure price. Yuck. $7.99 is gettin' a wee bit expensive.

Sweeeeet! Come to my mouth ice cream!

Saturday morning is so close! New Star Wars things here I come!

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