Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Deep Breaths...

UPDATE: Per gbfans.com, Activision Public Relations Manager Maclean Marshall has stated, "First and foremost, the game is absolutely not canceled. The company (Activision) is reviewing its options regarding those titles that it will not be publishing.

So Activision is indeed dumping Ghostbusters but it has not been canceled. The game will more than likely be delayed but hopefully someone out there steps up and grabs the distribution agreement soon, so the game still makes its way to consoles this fall or early winter. Please?

Word on the wide world of the Internet is that Ghostbusters: The Video Game may be at risk for delay or, at worst, cancellation. Recently Activision Blizzard took over Sierra and the game will now be published by them... maybe. Recent announcements from Activision have left Ghostbusters in limbo. They were not mentioned specifically as one of the games that would remain on Activision's plate. Activision plans to keep Spyro, Crash, Ice Age, and Prototype, as well as a 5th franchise not yet named. Could the 5th franchise be Ghostbusters? Possibly, but no word yet. This has caused (dogs and cats, living together) MASS HYSTERIA on the 'net. Some stories have been premature and announcing that the game has been, indeed, canceled. This is false. Noone has stated that this has happened. And it most likely won't. The game is too far a long and this game has franchise power behind it. People have been waiting for this game for almost 2 decades!

Vivendi will not comment. GamePro says it is canceled (not true, yet). As does CustomPC. Vooks is sticking with the "Activision not publishing it" story. Ditto for Boomtown. Destructoid has a quote from a Sierra PR representative stating "It is not cancelled and will not be cancelled."

Let's hope this indeed is not true. Even if Activision will not publish anymore, rumors have Sony finding someone else. And fast. The Ghostbusters name and franchise is huge and well-known. As long as it doesn't get canceled, it will be released.

For more information head on over to Proton Charging, Ghostbusters.net, or gbfans.com.

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