Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Another Round of Site Updates

My collection pages have been getting a steady flow of updates this month and the trend shall continue. Today was a big one as I recently was able to track down a fair amount of basic figures from The Saga Collection as well as one each from the Star Wars Saga line and the 30th Anniversary Collection. I also went through the recent Hasbro documents published on The Legacy Collection and The Clone Wars lines and created pages for them here. My TLC and TCW pages list what I will be attempting to track down this summer and fall. I'll be doing rounds Saturday morning and may be able to publish some photos of my haul later that day. I'm hoping to nab an AT-TE and Millennium Falcon at least!

Besides pictures of my Saturday morning loot, expect more pictures of recently acquired items in early August. I'll be back in the Reading, PA area from July 30th until August 4th. I expect to update the site with many more pictures on the 5th. Be on the look out!

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