Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Captain Rex Has Arrived ... Finally!

The Clone Wars "preview" figure of the clean version of Captain Rex has arrived - 3 days after the debut of the entire line. You could obtain this figure through a mail-away offer. You had to send 4 UPCs from the 30th Anniversary Collection figures plus a check for $6.99 and you'd receive this exclusive preview figure prior to the debut of the new line. Except that didn't happen. In May the distributors sent out a postcard stating that there had been a manufacturing delay and that the figure would not arrive until July. That gave them almost 4 weeks to ship them out prior to the launch of the new lines. A few people received their figure on July 24th or 25th. Most will receive it over the next 2 or 3 weeks. Ball officially dropped. Here are some pictures of the preview Rex I received...

The box Captain Rex arrives in.

Removal of Rex from the box.

The preview Captain Rex figure is clean, where as the one at retail sports a dirty/damaged look.

And here is the card back. Besides the changes in the appearance of his armor, Preview Rex's box folds down into a 3-D display, a la the Darktrooper and Spacetrooper from POTF2.

The Preview Captain Rex has been added to my TCW page. In addition, I have edited and opened my Comics and Books pages. Enjoy!

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