Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New Bust-Ups at Toys R Us?

An email sent out to the PSWCS listserv last night caught my attention. Someone found new Gentle Giant Bust-Ups at Toys R Us. They appear to use the same mold as the troopers from this set. It has been reported that there are 2 different exclusive sets available, one includes Captain Rex. I grabbed the below image from an eBay auction. The eBay member is selling both new sets with a $39.99 starting price ($44.99 with Buy it Now). A bit steep.

It isn't the best picture but it is the only one I can find that verifies the existence of these sets. You can see they are in the new Clone Wars packaging. It looks like Rex and a blue and red clone in the top set and maybe Commander Fox with a white a green clone on the bottom? I'm not sure about the middle clone in the second set. They are selling at retain for ~$15. If anyone sees these let me know! Gentle Giant was reportedly done with these but apparently they hyave reissued and repainted a past mold. This was completely under the radar by collecting sites.

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