Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Newest Additions to the Mays Family

Meet Forrest...

...and Lucy.

Kelly & I adopted these 2 kittens from One by One today, via an adoption weekend at our local PetSmart. This wasn't planned in any way; we both kind of mentioned how we'd like animals at some point and today it happened. We both think kittens are crazy cute; Kelly always has a nice, loud "awww" when she sees a picture of one on TV, in a magazine, or on a web site. Forrest & Lucy certainly cause her to do that now.

Forrest is a black male, born on March 23rd, 2010.  Lucy is a tabby female, born at some point in April. I am just going to pretend it's the 7th; no real reason. They were not from the same litter. In fact, they weren't even born in the same state (neither originated in PA)! However, they came to be cage/home sharers together at a young age, approximately 4-6 weeks after each were born. They are best friends and, were it no for being spayed or neutered, would probably be a couple. They are inseparable! They were adopted by a nice woman by the name of Sherri at One by One. She was happy to see them come to a safe and warm home, but she was definitely sad to see them leaver her foster care.

So, welcome to the family, Forrest & Lucy!

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