Thursday, October 16, 2008

Star Wars Roundup

Collecting wise Star Wars is in a bit of a lull. The massive release at the end of July has sort of taken a bit of air out of the rest of the year. Releases are erratic and sporadic around the country. Some areas have not yet gotten the second Saga Legends wave or Clone Wars wave 2. Luckily I have managed to score the second set of Saga Legends and third wave of The Legacy Collection as well as wave 2 of Clone Wars. In addition to the figures, I recently found and bought the Wal-Mart exclusive Republic Gunship. This exclusive costs $50 and is just a repaint of the 4 prior releases. A big part of the new deco is the nose art, featuring a Twi'lek. I also saw the Wal-Mart exclusive Green Leader's A-wing Fighter, which costs $30.

Outside of toys, Star Wars has been a big success. The new animated cartoon, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, has aired 3 episodes to date. This weeks episode, Destroy Malevolence, is the third and final part of the Malevolence plot. Star Wars: The Clone Wars airs every Friday at 9pm on Cartoon Network. The new show has shattered Cartoon Network records and is not slowing down. The show has been a pleasant surprise after a so-so debut as a full-length feature in August.

I'll have pictures of my recent additions up in a bit.

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