Monday, January 26, 2009

New Clone Wars Bobblehead

I made a trip to Walmart today and I naturally checked out the Star Wars toys. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this Walmart (closest to my apartment) had done a bit of an overhaul while I was home for the holidays. It had been about 5 weeks since I was last at this particular store and I noticed shelves were shorter and more organized, not just in the toy section but everywhere. Very nice change. The Star Wars stuff was in a new aisle and marvelously organized; each specific figure - not wave or line but figure - had its own peg. Now, the pegs were pretty much bare save for maybe 5 different figures. But each figure had multiples and they were each on a separate peg. there was a peg for Bail Organa and one for Commander Faie and so on. Plus, they were actually on The Legacy Collection pegs and not on Saga Legends or The Clone Wars pegs. A very odd site. Anyway, there was no sight of the new figures or mighty muggs or vehicle or battlepacks but I did find a Funko bobblehead I didn't have.

Clone Trooper Denal, a Walmart exclusive. Huh. Nice. I like the helmet deco. The funny thing is, when i went to check out the bobblehead didn't come up. My friend had actually tried to pick this up for me right after Christmas and they took it away from him because it was in the aisle "by mistake". I lucked out this time. The Walmart associates just checked the price on the other bobbleheads and rung it up for me. Excellent! Here are a few more pictures for those who are interested.

For those interested, here is a snippet of what Wookieepedia has to say about Clone Trooper Denal:
Denal was a clone trooper in the Grand Army of the Republic who served in the 501st Legion's Torrent Company during the Clone Wars. He was one of the most experienced troopers in the 501st, having survived many campaigns alongside Captain Rex and Jedi General Anakin Skywalker.
And a picture of him in The Clone Wars...

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