Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hasbro Action Figure Wish List

Plenty of action figure fan sites - not just for Star Wars - have polls and such to help persuade the almighty Hasbro into making a specific figure from the fantasy realm. I know that Rebel Scum has done it on multiple occasions.

What I'm doing here isn't to plead with Hasbro to make these guys (or gals, as the case may be); no, I just want to put out my wish list. As an individual I don't carry much weight and it has become clear to me that collector's interest are quite varied. I though that this list would just be a fun thing to do!

The list below is for Star Wars figures that are yet to be produced or released individually on card. They are listed in no particular order. **WARNING: Spoilers may be found below if you have not read any of the Republic Commando series from Karen Traviss**
  • Niner, Atin, Darman, Fi, and Corr - This is Omega Squad, form Karen Traviss' Republic Commando series. They were released (except Corr) in the Entertainment Exclusive Elite Forces of the Republic (specifically the Mandalorians and Omega Squad set). Because the figures are so similar I doubt they'll ever be released carded. But, again, this is just my wish list. I'm not making demands.
  • Boss, Fixer, Sev, and Scorch - This is Delta Squad. Like Omega Squad, they've been released in a set from Entertainment Earth. In fact, Scorch has been released carded, too. Because each of these guys can be distinguished from one another (unlike Omega) they could EASILY be released on card. This a simple profit gain for Hasbro as it would involve little new work, if any at all. Delta Squad was featured in the Lucasarts video game Star Wars: Republic Commando as well as in Traviss' Republic Commando series.
  • Kal Skirata and Walon Vau - So you've probably figure out I'm a fan of the Republic Commando series? Skirata and Vau are two of the Mandalorians tasked by the Kaminoans to train the Reoublic's clone army and are main characters in the Commando books. The main reason Hasbro does few book characters because there is no definitive image of the character for the sculptors and painters to work off of. There are descriptions of them in the books but they say that isn't enough. But I'd still like to have these guys!
  • Bardan Jusik and Etain Tur-Mukan - Who doesn't like Jedi figures? Each of these characters has a significant role in the Commando books. Plus, Jusik and Tur-Mukan can be made twice. Jusik the Jedi and Mandalorian and Tur-Mukan the Jedi and pregnant.
  • A'den, Ordo, Jaing, Mereel, Kom'rk, Prudii - These are the null-ARCs and adoptive sons of Kal Skirata. They'd be simple to make since Hasbro has already produced ARC troopers. Honestly they wouldn't need many changes; just something to differentiate between the six of them and an alpha-class ARC trooper. Fun fact: Kom'rk and Jaing are the Clone Intelligence Units the Senator Palpatine refers to in Revenge of the Sith, the guys who located General Grievous on Utapau.
  • Ko Sai - There aren't too many Kaminoans made into action figures but we know they all look about the same. Using the sculpt of Lama Su could make this evil geneticist simple.
  • Phase 2 armored ARC Troopers - All the ARC Troopers made by Hasbor have been in Phase 1 armor. We know that these superior fighters were involved up to the formation of the Galactic Empire. Where are they in their Phase 2 armor? Wouldn't it be as simple as adding some color and a pauldron to a ROTS-style trooper? Here's the animated version of ARC-77 (Captain Fordo) in Phase 2 armor.
  • Commander Cody, Clone Pilot, and ARC Pilot - Cody and the Clone Pilot would be simple updates (realistic fashion). They each need more articulation. The ARC Pilot would be a simple repaint of the regular Clone Pilot. This could also result in another Commando series tie-in, Clone Pilot Sicko.
  • Besany Wennen and Jaller Obrim - Wennen was a secondary character in the Commando series and is null-ARC Ordo's lust. She worked in the Republic Treasury Audit Division. Obrim, also a secondary character, is a former Senate Guard now working with the Coruscant Security Force's anti-terrorism unit.
That's all I can think of for now. I'm sure all come up with others in the future and, when do, I will update this list. I will be doing a vehicle wish list sometime as well.

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