Sunday, February 1, 2009

Remnants of Clone Wars Wave 4 Found

I was grocery shopping at the local Walmart yesterday evening and checked out the toys section. It didn't appear, at first glance, that they had restocked. Further inspection proved otherwise. The Legacy Collection pegs were all holdovers from Wave 4; no sight of Wave 5. However there were more Saga Legends Wave 3, but no Snowtrooper. Then I saw some of the repacked Clone Wars figures (like Dooku, Ventress, and C-3PO) and, luckily, a lone 212th Attack Battalion Clone Trooper.

Unfortunately I missed out on the Space Trooper. Here are a few more images of the 212th Attack Battalion Clone Trooper card.

Hopefully this coming week will yield the rest of Clone Wars Wave 4 and The Legacy Collection Wave 5.

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