Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hot Off the Press: Toy Fair 2009 Star Wars Images

I don't want to steal all their traffic, but Rebel Scum has a bunch of great photos of upcoming Star Wars merchandise for fall 2009. Below are a few that I am most interested in. Be sure to check out their photo page in its entirety!

Hasbro's display at the 2009 Toy Fair.

The Clone Turbo Tank was confirmed by Hasbro on Friday night. It is expected to hit shelves this fall.

Hasbro has said that there will be a new $60 Starfighter line, including this new Imperial ARC-170 fighter repaint.

Could the Republic Fighter Tank be part of the $60 vehicle line?

The Clone Wars line will see new deluxe packs, with a figure and small vehicle.

The ARF Trooper - seen in The Clone Wars movie - is displayed in the new Star Wars-brand packaging.

I generally focus on Clones but this Mace does have Clone armor... and look at that helmet!

This will be the fourth different Clone Trooper helmet voice changer. The Rex helmet will join the previous white, red (Target exclusive), and blue (Walmart exclusive) versions from last fall.

The Clone Commander Blaster looks absolutely amazing. It is actually 3-guns-in-1!

More and more Hasbro news will be out later tonight and early tomorrow. Their presentation should be starting soon which will provide some more lovely morsels of action figure news!

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