Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Master Replicas Cancels Ghostbusters Line

Before even prototype images were posted - and a single prop was released - Master Replicas has canceled their line of Ghostbusters items. The Master Replicas forum moderator had this to say:
As a fan, I wish I could reassure everyone that GB is still on for MR. Unfortunately, it is with deep regret that MR has decided to cancel the plans we had with Sony for Ghostbusters. While I cannot get into specifics, I can tell you on a personal level that we cannot afford to give Ghostbusters prop replicas the justice and treatment they deserve and I apologize for any frustration or disappointment this will cause any fans. Rather than hold on to the license and wait for what seemed inevitable, we've decided to make the announcement today. Thank you for your understanding.
That was posted yesterday, February 17th. Just five days prior the moderator hinted at development pictures. Now the line is dead before it really started.

This apparently happens often with Master Replicas. From what I have read on message boards, close to - if not more than - 40% of announced items and product lines go unfulfilled by MR. Some think the company is wilting.

It's a shame, really. The Ghostbusters community has been waiting for a company to step up and produce top of the line replicas for use at Halloween or for display in their collections. If you can't make replicas yourself then you are stuck trying to buy fan made stuff from others, which is even more expensive than what MR was reportedly going to sell the items for.

All is not lost, however. At least we know for certain that the videogame will be released this summer. Plus there are the Minimates and the two lines of figures from Mattel coming as well. Hopefully no one else lets us down. Ghostbusters fans have been through enough in the last 20 years.

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