Sunday, February 22, 2009

JoePa Shows Up at THON

I had seen pictures and video of the Penn State legend at THONs before. The 5 I was involved in or attended (2004-2008) he never was able to make an appearance. What happens this year, when kelly and I can't go? He shows up! Argh! Oh well. Hoepfully he comes back for THON 2010... my dad has already given me off for that weekend!

DJ Larry Moore made a surprise announcement at the beginning of family hour after all the families were introduced on stage. Moore said "Hey THON 2009... we have a surprise for you!" And JoePa and SuePa walk out on stage! JoePa gave a nice speech about the cause and the families and had a short meet and greet with the kids.

UPDATE: The Daily Collegian has a nice roundup of family hour and talks a bit about JoePa's visit.

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