Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kelly and I Set Out on a Movies Quest

Kelly and I watched the Oscars on Sunday night and we realized we have seen very few of the movies that "experts" consider to be some of the best of all time. While I rarely agree with what critics and Hollywood thinks, it would be calming and I'm sure enlightening to know that I have seen some of the perceived best that cinema has to offer. Kelly and I have decided to watch all of the 81 Best Picture award winners. We're not sure how we're going to go about doing this; we don't have a set timetable (just pretty much in our lifetime) and we may or may not go in order. Some we're excited to see, such as Lawrence of Arabia, and others not so much, like Rebecca. After looking over the long list we marked off the ones we have already seen. Turns out, Kelly has witnessed more than me. I have only viewed eight while Kelly has a robust 20 to her credit. Now there are plenty on here that we have seen parts of (Rocky, The Godfather, Patton, Gone with the Wind) but we don't count them unless we have seen it all the way through.

Our checklist for Academy Award winners for Best Picture.

One thing I know for sure: I'm really glad we have both already seen American Beauty. This way I don't have to watch it again.

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