Friday, February 13, 2009

This Needs to Stop!

I stopped at the local Walmart today after work to pick up a few things. I went back to the toys section to see if they had a Saga Legends Snowtrooper, the only figure currently available that I need for my collection. They did not. While I was there I noticed that, among the other The Legacy Collection Wave 5 figures, was a Han Solo that just seemed... off. I couldn't place it at first. Then I saw that part of the box had been torn. I snatched it off of its peg and inspected it, only to find that this hadn't been done by accident. No, someone had actually tripped the lower corner and removed the Build-A-Droid part. On Han Solo in Stromtrooper Disguise it is the right leg of the stromech R5-A2. I was appaled. I have heard stories of this happening and have seen it documented elsewhere, but never have I seen it in person. Who would do such a thing?!?! It's reprehensible - and extremely childish - behavior. I hope it was a young - very young - kid and not some teenaged aor adult collector. To whoever did this I say, "Karma is a bitch". Not that the act of stealing a measly droid part is on the same level of, say, killing or cheating on someone. But it is still ridiculous behavior. It must stop. Now. I know prices of figures have climbed steadiluy in the last 36 months. If you can't afford to buy the entire figure go to eBay. You probably can get just the droid part (plus shipping) for $3 or $4 dollars. Seriously, stop doing this. It tarnishes the figure and puts and damper on fun for kids and collecting. Pictures of this atrocity are below. They're from my iPhone and aren't the best quality.

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