Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tom Sabbatelli on Wheel of Fortune

One of my good friends from Penn State, Tom Sabbatelli, was on Wheel of Fortune on May 25, 2009 (Memorial Day). The show had been taped way back in February and finally aired three months later. Tom was not allowed to divulge how the event went but Kelly and I had a sneaky suspicion he'd do well. That was an understatement. Here is the full show (minus commercials!) split over three parts from my YouTube account.

Here are some screen grabs of Tom's illustrious journey...

The Wheel of Fortune title card on May 25, 2009.

Tom shoots out of the gate, answering the first toss-up correctly.

Tom being introduced by Pat Sajak.

Tom told a story about how he use to imitate Vanna White as a toddler in his high chair. He did the pose and then Pat asked Vanna to do it too. Separated at birth?

Tom correctly answers toss-up #2.

Tom correctly answered the first puzzle. Funny, that's what people will be doing to relive this adventure of his.

Puzzle #2 was the only thing Tom didn't get.

Mystery prize round!

Yep, the prize could be $10,000 (sponsored by IHOP).

And it's a prize puzzle. Where will the winner be going?

Suspense! Tom lands on the mystery prize spot.

Tom reaches down to remove the mystery prize. Bankrupt or $10,000???

Tom chose wisely. The mystery prize was $10,000! Thanks IHOP!

The third puzzle gives a hint of where the prize vacation may be. Where is Tom headed?

Before we find out, Tom headbutts the set on national television after he solved the third puzzle.

Tom is ecstatic about winning a trip to beautiful New Orleans. Value? $5,000.

Tom is up to $22,400 after solving the puzzle assuring him the $10,000 mystery prize as well as a trip to New Orleans.

I have no idea how he got "RUNNER-UP" so fast. This was the third and final toss-up.

The fourth and final puzzle was cut short but Tom still came out on top.

Tom knows he has a chance to add a lot more to the money and trip he already won.

Tom finished the regular part of the game with $29,900.

Tom ready to spin the final wheel full of prizes.

Tom spins the wheel of prizes, landing on M. We'll find out what he will (or won't) win soon.

The default letters are helpful. Tom added D, C, M and A to get even closer.

Tom guesses "GIANT SQUID" and is correct! What did he win?

Tom celebrates earning $25,000 for getting the final puzzle correct.

Tom hugs his mom after winning a total of $54,900!

Tom did absolutely amazing! You can check out his Wheel blog here. Congratulations, Tom! Some other links below...

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UPDATE: I am sort of mentioned in The Daily Collegian article about Tom.
Friends of Sabbatelli have loaded the episode to YouTube so it can be viewed. A search for "Tom Sabbatelli" will bring up the three-part video.
"Friends" should be "Joseph Mays". Haha.

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