Monday, March 30, 2009

Ghostbusters Game Announced for iPhone

Sony says the Ghostbusters iPhone game will see you playing as the traditional team from the Ghostbusters movies, tackling New York borough by borough, trapping pesky poltergeists and stopping innocent citizens from being slimed.

There’s no word on how you’ll control the Ghostbusters iPhone game yet, but we’d love to see Sony’s developers grabbing Apple’s new SDK with both hands, creating a Ghostbusters iPhone game that uses the iPhone’s accelerometer, Bluetooth multiplayer and maybe even location sensing to play multiplayer games against gamers acting as ghouls in your area.

We can already imagine tilting the iPhone to control a proton pack beam, just as you’ll be able to do with the Wiimote when Ghostbusters lands on the Nintendo Wii.

So, yeah, I may be getting this game for 5 systems (Xbox 360, Wii, PC, Nintendo DS, and iPhone). You can never have too much Ghostbusters.

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