Friday, March 20, 2009

New Star Wars Items

A few things caught me by surprise tonight and both came via email.

First, Gentle Giant announced to its Premier Guild Members that the Snowtrooper Mini Bust was available for pre-order. It is set to ship in September. At this time, you must be signed into your Gentle Giant PGM account to pre-order this bust.

Gentle Giant's next trooper-oriented bust, the Snowtrooper, will be shipped in September.

Next was at the bottom of the weekly Star Wars Homing Beacon. Some unreleased Hasbro toys were available for pre-order on Star Wars Shop - including at least three items originally believed to be released in August or September. According to Star Wars Shop, the Turbo Tank will be available... in April!?!? June releases are set for the Saber Class Fighter Tank and Crab Droid Vehicle and Figure Pack. The Build-Your-Own Blaster is still set for July.

Perhaps these dates are just placeholders; as usual the "small print" says dates subject to change. We'll see when these really start showing up in stores.

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