Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ghostbusters: The Video Game Multiplayer Details Revealed

A generation of Ghostbuster-wannabes has been yearning for more from the franchise. Well they were told over a year ago that a video game would be coming. After a delay from a change in publishers (Activision to Atari) the game is set to hit stands this June to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the original film.

The game has been in action at conventions across the globe in recent months but it has been lacking one thing: multiplayer. Every great title has a multiplayer option, whether it is simply co-op, campaign, or online mayhem. Ghostbusters: The Video Game had been mum on it for some time. Until now.

Atari has released specs. and they are glorious. Take a look, care of The Real Ghostbusters.


Teamwork is what being a Ghostbuster is all about so Terminal Reality have worked with Three Wave Software, a triple-A multiplayer developer, to create an exciting and original multiplayer component in Ghostbusters: The Video Game for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC platforms.

Offering gamers the unique opportunity to play as one of the four original Ghostbusters, an option not available in the single player game, the multiplayer is a fast-paced, co-operative experience. Taking place on an average phantom-packed day for the Ghostbusters team, players will work together to contain supernatural phenomena around the city while competing to earn the biggest pay check.


Unique Multiplayer Features:

  • Play as one of the Ghostbusters: Choose to play as any one of the four original Ghostbusters or the rookie;
  • Unique Achievements: Players are given scores and ranks for each match that are also applied to their online profile. Difficulty scaling is available according to rank;
  • 6 Unique Power-ups: To help players on even the trickiest of jobs, unique power-ups such as the Ghost Shrinker or Ethereal Shield are available;
  • Limited Ammunition: To ensure teamwork, players must pick up ammunition for each type of equipment with ammunition levels being shown on the proton pack;
  • Unique AI Features: To add another dimension to the hunting, wrangling and trapping experience of being a Ghostbuster, ghosts have unique AI features such as more aggressive behaviour, the power to sabotage traps and the ability to fuse with other ghosts;
  • Full VOIP support: Voice support for both Xbox 360 and PS3 allows for easy communication between players.

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Two Multiplayer Co-op Game Modes:

  • Instant Action: players can test their mettle in a variety of Job Types across a selection of 12 different maps to see if they’ve got what it takes to be a true Ghostbuster;
  • Campaign Mode: players work through one of four different environments busting ghosts to earn cash and upgrade their equipment.

12 maps across 4 themed environments:

  • Library
  • Streets
  • Cemetery
  • Museum

Six Unique Job Types:

  • Survival: Survive a paranormal onslaught
  • Containment: Capture all the ghosts
  • Destruction: Eliminate mysterious artefacts to prevent spawning ghosts
  • Protection: Protect Egon’s devices
  • Thief: Save the artefacts from being stolen by ghosts
  • Slime Dunk: Dunk the most Slimers

Online Multiplayer Features:

  • Leaderboards and player statistics: have you got what it takes to be the world’s greatest Ghostbuster?
  • Ranking: Skill and rank based matchmaking is available.
  • Most Wanted Ghosts: these ghosts appear are special ghosts that appear mid game based on the experience of the current players - it’s your job to trap them all.
Awesomeness! Kelly and I can play together! And Bryan - when he gets a 360 (which HE WILL) - can join us in online matches.

The folks at IGN let loose on the multiplayer aspects during their most recent preview. They also have a nice look at the Wii version, too.

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