Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ghostbusters Galore

Real quick...

To see all the pre-order bonuses/exclusives available through various retailers for Ghostbusters: The Video Game go here. I'm all about the and GameStop Exclusives (Wii and Xbox 360, respectively).

Also, PeachtreeTV is running "Screen on the Green" this summer. Basically they are showing a movies outdoors every Thursday night from May 28 through June 25 and one of the movies is getting picked by the viewers (to be shown on June 25). The contestants are Ghostbusters (naturally), The Princess Bride, and Big. All great movies but, come on people, GHOSTBUSTERS! VOTE NOW! You can vote daily for the next week. Ghostbusters once had 58% of the vote but now the totals has dropped to 47%, only 3% in front of The Princess Bride!

Who knew they even had a fan base capable of creating a grassroots voting project?


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