Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mmmmmm... Burgers

CNN had a piece this morning called "Five tasty burger joints worth visiting". Being a lover of meat, especially in burger form, I had to give it a read. As the story started my mind began prodding me to eventually try at least one of these places on the list. Then my mind settled down. Turns out, I already have.

"There's been a lot of unusual burgers," said Fieri, recalling his culinary travels. "At The Triple XXX in West Lafayette, Indiana, across from Purdue University, they put peanut butter on a burger. People order it, people like it and -- whatever floats your boat."

The Triple XXX has been serving unique burgers -- such as its Duane Purvis All-American. The sandwich is named after a Purdue football player who played from 1932 to 1934. "Add thick creamy peanut butter on the lower deck and you're in for the touchdown!" says the menu.

So, finally, living in Indiana has paid off! Their burgers are delicious. Kelly and I are hoping to get back to Triple XXX before we leave in May/June. Very tasty food, highly recommended if you're ever near West Lafayette, IN.

One thing checked off the bucket list.

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