Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I Am a Winner

You a winner, ha ha ha. You a winner, ha ha ha.

Last week I posted about Creature Cantina's 8th anniversary. For the milestone Bill Cable, the sites creator and organizer, ran a quick trivia contest.

So you got it? Ready? OK, here are your questions:

  1. Identify the goofy, food-based collectible that Gus Lopez is so passionate about that he listed it among his primary collecting interests.
  2. Which accessory in the Legacy Wave 6 photo was never depicted in the film "The Empire Strikes Back"?
  3. From Wednesday's BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, what is the name of Sideshow's newest original line of Collectibles?
  4. What other fiction character served as inspiration for Bill Cable's Major Bren Derlin drawing?
I answered those questions as fast as I could. I was pretty confident my answers were correct. A week later it was confirmed: I knew the answers. I was chosen as one of the four winners for sweet swag from Sideshow Collectibles, Brian's Toys, Gus and Duncan, and Bill Cable himself. I wound up with the enter Wave 6 of The Legacy Collection, set to hit stores in May. I'll be getting it as soon as Brian's Toys has it in stock. Really freakin' excited!

The Legacy Collection, Wave 6. I won these figures!

I wanted to extend my thanks and gratitude to Bill Cable, Creature Cantina, and Brian's Toys.

And this just proves that not everything about Creature Cantina sucks.

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