Monday, June 29, 2009

Site Updates Coming

Well I'm home. For good. Kelly and I made the trek from West Lafayette, IN to Sinking Spring, PA over two days 10 days ago now. We left on Friday, June 19th and arrived here Saturday evening. We've unpacked (for the most part) and Kelly has returned to her family for the final week before the wedding. Yes, that is THIS SATURDAY. Holy crap.

Anyway, with me being home now I've had a chance to go through all of my Star Wars stuff. I have a bunch of pictures to add that have been missing, indicated by the ambiguous "coming soon" image. Fear not! All those will be gone soon. With the help of my best man Brent B. I was able to go through all my extra stuff and things I'm willing to part with to come up with a "for sale" list. I'll be posting that sometime this week as well.

So check back often these next two days as I add images to the site and list things I have for sale.

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