Thursday, June 11, 2009

Toyfare #144 Q&A with Harold Ramis

The Ghostbusters push continues. The most recent issue of Toyfare magazine (#144) features the Ghostbusters on the cover (Ray and Egon, specifically), has a rundown of the toys from 1984 and the new ones (no release date for the Mattel stuff yet) and a Q&A with Harold Ramis.
TF: What do you think it is about the Ghostbusters that keep people coming back?

HR: Well, you know, to me, "Ghost Busters" worked on a lot of levels. For kids it was a pure action/supernatural thriller with some really cool tech and some really, fairly cool guys and decent story. For grownups it was a satire on all things paranormal, on the kind of guys who would pursue this career. And I think the three of us represented a fairly broad spectrum of attitudes in regard to the supernatural and paranormal. And Sigourney [Weaver] was such an admirable heroine and Rick [Moranis] was such a lovable nerd. It was just really something for everyone.
Check it out here!

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