Thursday, March 27, 2008

Star Wars: Celebration 5 in 2009?

In the spring before each prequel (1999, 2002, and 2005) there was a massive Star Wars event held called Celebration. It was giant collection of Star Wars fans brought together to celebrate the upcoming release of the new film (The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, and Revenge of the Sith). There was also a fourth Celebration last spring to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the debut of Star Wars. Fans love these events. It is a time to meet fellow fans, see the saga stars, and buy more merchandise. There was a Celebration Europe last year and there will be a Celebration Japan this summer. Fans want more. A Celebration, at the minimum, every three years. Better yet, every year. Or even better, EVERY YEAR. With the Star Wars universe continually growing (The Clone Wars debuts in August 2008 and the new live-action show is set for fall 2009) the chances of a Celebration happening every few years, at least for now, is a real possibility. Let the rumors begin. Steve Sansweet, resident Star Wars expert, mentioned a few things while at Jedi-Con in Germany last weekend. The Star Wars faithful and staff are looking into a second Celebration Europe (possibly in Berlin) and a Celebration Australia. But that's not all. He also said that Lucas is looking into a Celebration 5...and it WOULD NOT be held in Los Angeles this time! w00t! The rumored lead candidate city? Chicago. Less than 2 hours from my apartment in Indiana. Sweeeeet. Now, I plan on going to Celebration 5 regardless of city. However, the closer it is the cheaper it will be. Sansweet says that the Star Wars executives are looking for a midwestern or eastern city this time. Celebration 1 was in Denver, CO, 2 and 3 were in Indianapolis, IN (yeah, wish that would happen again), and 5 was in Los Angeles, CA. Reviews were negative for the LA Convention Center so Lucasfilm is all but guaranteed to be changing venues. Chicago is rumored to be in the lead. Celebration 5 in 2009? One can only hope.

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