Monday, March 31, 2008

The Reading Continues: Star Wars Vault

I paused my reading renaissance in the middle of Republic Commando: Triple Zero, to journey through 30 years of Star Wars glory with Steve Sansweet's The Star Wars Vault. The Vault contains ~150 pages of Star Wars goodness. Besides some background information on George Lucas and the start of the Saga, The Vault contains what you would expect a vault to contain: priceless items from Star Wars' illustrious history. Of course in The Vault these are reproductions of originals. But they are still marvelous. You will see blueprints, sketches, concept art, stationary from ILM, old stickers and decals, and many other marvelous items. The Vault also comes with 2 audio CDs to play added bonus features through the course of the book.

It really is a great collectible. It carries a hefty price tag at $80 in retail stores such as Border's but you can easily find it cheaper at Amazon, Deep Discount, or through There prices will be between $35-$55, still not cheap but much better than retail. I recommend this treasure to any Star Wars fan, especially die hard collectors.

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