Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Happenings Over the Last Week

Greetings faithful followers! Sorry for the lack of posts recently. Here's a quick rundown of items of not over the last 7 days...
  • The Cartoon Network launched their Star Wars: The Clone Wars site with a new trailer and release date: October 3rd! Rumor has it that during a convention [DragonCon in Atlanta, GA] last week, attendees to the Star Wars panel were shown the entire first episode of the new show! Details about the screening are sparse but one reporter says that the entire episode revolves around Yoda.
  • Pictures sprouted this weekend of a brand new Battle Pack. This has not been confirmed as part of Target's Ultimate Battle Packs that debuted last fall but it is big enough! The Battle of Christophsis includes a repainted AAT and AT-AP as well 5 figures! Picture below is from, where else, Jed Insider.
  • I found wave 3 of The Legacy Collection at Wal-Mart on Thursday. I was able to purchase everything from the wave I wanted: Coruscant Landing Platform Clone Trooper, Saleucami Clone Trooper, and the Battlefront II Imperial Engineer. I didn't see Evan Peill/Yaddle or Holographi Count Dooku but Jodo Kast was there. In addition to TLC Wave 3 figures, I grabbed the "Blue eyes" variant Kashyyyk Trooper, Commander Gree, and Imperial EVO Trooper. I'll try to get some pictures of them up soon. I was hoping to run into the second wave of Saga Legends figures but no luck. TLC Wave was not due out until 9/25. Saga Legends Wave 2 is due out 9/11. TCW Wave 2 isn't set to hit shelves until 10/8.
  • I may have found a 2nd part-time job. If you recall from over a week ago I mentioned that the Climate Office was required to cut my hours as a result of their Temporary Employment mandate. Dropping below 20 hours a week there required me to find a second job. I may have found one. Not certain yet but I'll let you know if it works out. It would be great if it did.

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