Monday, September 29, 2008

Master Replicas to Officially Announce Ghostbusters Line of Items October 31st

I have been sneaking around the Master Replicas forum to see if I can learn anything new about rumored Ghostbusters prop replicas. I returned today and noticed 2 new pages of posts. The moderator has been dropping some hints since July. It has recently been confirmed that the Ghostbusters line will have its own web page. Reading the 14 pages of posts leads me to believe that MR will be making: the trap, PKE meter, and yes, a proton pack (please note that none of this is confirmed, just speculation). But that's not all. There is a possibility of scaled items such as busts, gear, and the famous Ecto. They are being real hush-hush about specifics. In a recent post by the moderator, he says that the line will be officially announced on October 31st. Nice timing. Hopefully some juicier tidbits will make their way out before then. I don't want to wait another month!

For those of you who know nothing about MR, check out the Star Wars items I own by them. Truly great stuff.

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