Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Release Date for Ghostbusters Video Game?

I took this screenshot this afternoon on Amazon. Nothing has been announced about a new distributor of the game so this release date is probably an educated guess and mere conjecture. But this release date may in fact hold true as this would be very close to the movies original release date of June 8. That date in 2009 happens to be the 25th anniversary. I think Ghostbusters: The Video Game will hit store shelves between May 19th and June 30th, at the latest.

On a related note, would a rerelease of the movie be awesome or what? June 8th, 2009 is a Friday just like in 1984. A 2-4 week rerelease would be awesome and could coincide with the video game being released on June 5th or 12th. I think that would be an awesome idea. Many of the movies fans didn't get to see the original in theaters or they are too young to remember. Come on Sony, make it happen!

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