Monday, April 7, 2008

2008 Target Exclusive Order 66 Figures Found

After a successful trip to my local Target on Friday, I returned on Sunday morning to see if they had put out the in stock Order 66 2-packs. A few registers down from the entrance I got my answer. They were sitting there...with a kid hovering around them! I could tell they had displayed a limited stock so getting one of each may prove difficult, especially with a young kid looking at them. I approached the checkout area with the 2-packs and realized the young kid was looking at the other Transformers stuff and not the Star Wars items. I noticed that they had placed 2 full sets out (presumably Saturday night for a Sunday debut) and that someone had already scarfed up half a set (why get half?). So there was one complete set left and then an extra Set 1 (Anakin and ARC Commander), Set 2 (Obi-Wan and ARC Trooper), and Set 4 (Emperor Palpatine and Commander Vill). Naturally I grabbed the last remaining full set. Feeling good about scoring these a week before the street date (April 13th), I ventured back to the toy section to see if anything new was there. They actually hadn't stocked anything at all since Friday. Oh well. I got what I came for.

Now that I have the new Order 66 2-packs the only items I'm looking for are the 2008 Saga Legends wave (a trooper collector's heaven - Commander Neyo, Utapau Shadow Trooper, Covert Ops Trooper, Shadow Stormtrooper). Since The Force Unleashed wave only debuted at my Target last week I'm going to assume that the Saga Legends won't be around for at least 2 weeks. That's a shame. It is an amazing wave. The 2008 Saga Legends will be the last retail items I purchase for a few months. Nothing new is set to debut until July 26th!

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