Saturday, April 5, 2008

New Figures!

I stopped by Target after work yesterday and was able to grab a few figures I needed to add to my collection. They had parts of TAC 2007 Wave 7.5, 2008 Wave 1, and 2008 Wave 2 (The Force Unleashed). This is the first time I saw TFU wave at retial so I snatched the three I wanted: The Imperial Jumptrooper, the Imperial EVO Trooper, and the Shadow Guard. The rest of the wave was there minus Battle-Damaged Darth Vader. With the 2008 waves they are repacking some of the 2007 figures with stands instead of coins. I grabbed a 7th Legion Trooper with stand since he is a trooper variation. I used the DPCI numbers to check on the Target Exclusive 2008 Order 66 2-packs. They were in the stockroom! Unfortunately they weren't on the floor yet and I don't like asking employees to pull things from the back. I can wait. I'm heading back Sunday morning. I believe they stock shelves Saturday night and sometimes put out new items, like the Order 66 2-packs. The street date for the 2-packs isn't until next Sunday (April 13th) but my Target here in Indiana put out the Aayla Secura Starfighter and Battle of Kashyyyk Battle Pack more than 2 weeks early. Maybe the 2-packs will make an appearance tomorrow?

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