Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Covert Operation

If you recall this post and this post you will remember that I have been searching for some higher priced items outside of the figure realm. The second one talks about this great company called Gentle Giant that produces wonderful busts, sculptures, and statues of Star Wars characters. Besides adding a few of their miniature "Bust-Ups" I have been secretly tracking down a few of their larger, more expensive items since November. After a purchase over the weekend I am pleased to announce that my Gentle Giant Return of the Sith (or troopers with Phase 2 armor) trooper collection is all but complete. I have found and bought all five of the exclusive Clone Commander busts (Cody, Gree, Bly, Neyo, Bacara). I also previously purchased the Shocktrooper bust (and it comes with a Shocktrooper bust-up!), the standard white clone, and the 501st Legion Clone Trooper.
Click to enlarge.

My favorite is the Cody bust. He comes with a holographic emperor! That is sweeeeeet. Gree has the coolest armor in my opinion so he ranks right up there with Cody. Of all of the busts I now own I have to admit that my favorite may be the Shocktrooper.

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The coloring detail and battle-damaged look are awesome. I have a tough time picking my favorite type of trooper. I usually jump back and forth between the Shocktrooper, Utapau Shadow Trooper, and the 212th Attack Battalion.

Picture of different arms and weapons.

The busts are approximately 8 inches in height. One of the coolest features of the busts and bust-ups are that some come with interchangeable arms and weapons! I haven't seen any of these in person yet (I go home next Friday!) but I know they are going to look AMAZING in my collection. I really hope I have a room to put all of this stuff in when Kelly and I buy our first house...

501st Clone Trooper bust.

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