Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Carded Clone Wars, Legacy Collection Figures

July 26th is still a good 6+ weeks away but the leaks and rumor mill are in full force. Most recently the folks at Jedi Insider were able to post a ton of picks of the new Clone Wars and The Legacy Collection figures as well as the exclusive Dagger Squadron B-wing. A few hours later Sandtroopers.com had more pictures, including packaging with the foil "1st Day of Issue" sticker. This sticker will replace the UGH (Ultimate Galactic Hunt) and only figures in the first shipments will have this sticker. In other words, if you don't pick up the figures on the 26th or 27th, good luck finding that variant (or chase) figure. As I reported in my Random Musings #1 last week, as of now there aren't a lot of figures that I want to grab on the 26th. I'll grab the Clone Trooper, Obi-Wan Kenobi (General Armor), Captain Rex, and maybe Saesee Tiin (General Armor) from the Clone Wars line. The Legacy Collection has nothing of interest to me in wave 1 (wave 2 is a different story but that isn't due until September). Here is a picture of the Clone Wars Captain Rex, with and without sticker, from Sandtroopers.com:

And the clone trooper with "1st Day of Issue" sticker:

Hasbro confirmed in the past that Saga Legends will return in The Legacy Collection. Separate from the line waves, Saga Legends is an unnumbered assortment meant to keep prominent characters readily available at retail. Here is a picture of The Legacy Collection Saga Legends clone trooper:

Yes July 26th will be one busy day. Well, night, actually. The rumors are that the retailers will have a "Midnight Madness" type event like they did for the release of the ROTS figures. That'd be sweet. The night of July 25th/26th could be craaaazy.

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Homie Bear said...

I think the Captain Rex is exclusively a mail-in offer, is it not? Or is there a separate Rex for the mail-ins? I have a hard time keeping all the different exclusives and collections straight.