Monday, June 30, 2008

The List: My Favorite Movies

'The List' will be a new series of posts that I will write every so often. Much like my 'Random Musings' posts, 'The List' will be about anything I want to rank or show off. There is no set schedule. The only real guideline is that it will be in list format. Up first for 'The List' series will be my favorite movies.

I need to take a moment to define 'favorite'. Here favorite does not equal best. Some of these movies may have gotten awful reviews or done poorly at the box office. Who cares? If I enjoyed it, that's all that matters. These movies may not be viewed as the best of a certain year or in its genre or may not have even won any awards (though some did). This is simply a list of the movies I enjoy watching, for numerous reasons. And here we go...

The List: My Favorite Movies

Click to enlarge.

I'll be back a bit later to discuss my choices, specifically the Top 10 and good ol' numero uno.

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