Monday, June 23, 2008

Ghostbusters Merchandise Picking Up Steam

Ghostbusters is experiencing a revival at retail. The 80's franchise has always been a hit at retro stores, but 2008 may put the 'busters back on the map globally. A video game, tentatively scheduled for release on October 21st, was announced in November and has made multiple lists for the most anticipated games of '08. NECA, who released small line of Ghostbusters figures in 2004, will be remolding that line for release with the video game. More and more t-shirts can be found with simple Google searches; many online retailers have some nice looking apparel. A new book from various artists has appeared for preorder on Amazon. Though not yet officially announced, Time Life is set to release the complete series of The Real Ghostbusters (including Slimer and the Real Ghostbusters) this fall, presumably around the same time as the video game debuts. In addition to the cartoon, HD enthusiasts are excited about the possibility of Ghostbusters being released on Blu-Ray soon, most likely in October. It's almost a foregone conclusion that it is coming. There are still rumblings about another big announcement at San Diego Comic-Con but what it is no one knows (another movie, cartoon, or toy line???). The most recent item to appear are the interesting line of Kubrick toys. Shown at the Tokyo Toy Fair, the 4 Ghostbusters, Slimer, the logo, and Stay Puft (with interchangeable head) will be released this year. The Kubrick line is exclusive to Japan so getting them here in the States will cost consumers a pretty penny. Here is a closer look (thanks to whoever took this in Tokyo):

I haven't been able to get my hands on any of the Star Wars Kubrick's out there but I am going to try my best and get this set. They look amazing.

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