Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Republic Gunship On the Way

It's obvious to even the casual observer of this site that my favorite thing about the Star Wars universe are troopers. Well a close second is their very cool transport known as the Republic Gunship. It has been released as a toy already 4 times (twice in the SAGA line, once for ROTS, and once more for TSC). Well it is coming back. The folks at Jedi Insider have uncovered this photo:

The gunship design on the box varies slightly from previous editions. However, looking at the instructions manual from Hasbro shows that it is the same mold but with a different deco. Hopefully it comes dirty and with that design under the cockpit! There has not been a confirmation on price or release date. I expect it to be about $30-$40. Some people believe it will be on shelves on the 26th of July with the rest of the new merchandise. And what shelves will it be on? Well, if you noticed the sticker on the box it will only be available at Wal-Mart stores. That will make this bugger hard to find. Especially if you want more than one.

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