Monday, June 16, 2008

Random Musings #2

  • 16 days until Brent, Greg, and Justin visit us in Indiana. Holler.
  • 39 days until new Star Wars collectibles
  • 46 days until Das Awkscht Fescht (TOY SHOW!)
  • 47 days until my fantasy football draft
  • 59 days until Star Wars: The Clone Wars is released in theaters
  • The Phillies are still good but have been struggling a little recently. After sweeping the Braves in Atlanta, the Phillies won only one game in Florida and St. Louis. The offense is inconsistent, starting pitchers are giving up too many home runs, and Tom Gordon has lost it again. Jamie Moyer is easily the Phillies best pitcher right now. Brett Myers and Cole Hamels are up and down (currently down). For the Phillies to hold onto the NL East and push for the pennant, Myers and Hamels must be consistent. But I'm definitely not complaining about a 41-30 record.
  • I'm torn on the iPhone 3g announcement. As much as I want the new version with faster wireless access and GPS (with a cheaper base phone), the charges on AT&T are getting ridiculous. Though the current iteration of the iPhone sold for $399, it is still cheaper in the long run. AT&T will charge $30/month for the cheapest plan on the 3g iPhone ($20/month for original) plus another $5 for 200 text messages (the text messages are included in the $20 price for the original iPhone). You pay less up front but more over the course of your contract. Of course if I had the money I would upgrade ASAP. But I don't. The EDGE network will have to work for me for now.
  • Kelly and I went to the Rascal Flatts concert on Saturday. Their performance was amazing. It was my first concert ever and it was a good way to start. Their opening was sweet and they sounded really good live. This was their first stop on their tour this year so that's cool. We had a bit of an altercation with some rude people at the beginning which kind of ruined the first few hours there but once Rascal Flatts came on it was all forgotten. Taylor Swift was the opening act and she did pretty good. It seemed that a lot of the teenage girls that were at the concert were actually there to see her and not Rascal Flatts.
  • Kelly and I also watched Meet the Spartans and Live Free or Die Hard this weekend. Meet the Spartans was worth what we paid for it ($1 at the McDonald's Red Box). I'm glad I didn't see it in the theaters but it was still funny and ridiculous; a good movie to watch for laughs and with friends. Live Free or Die Hard, basically Die Hard 4, was better than I expected. It's been out for a year but I never got around to watching it until this weekend. I liked the plot and the action was good. Bruce Willis looked really old so that cut out a little of the Die Hard mystique but it is set 19 years after the events in Nakatomi Plaza. Definitely worth seeing.
  • New Ghostbusters toys have been announced, sort of. NECA will be making a video game version of their Slimer figure from a few years ago (see image below). The previous Slimer figure went with a small GB line that featured him, Gozer, Vince Clortho (Terror Dog), Zuul (Terror Dog), and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in 2004. The 2008 version will be translucent, apparently as he appears in the upcoming video game. Rumor has it that NECA is trying to get authorization to create figures of the Ghostbusters. One can only hope. If NECA doesn't get it hopefully someone will.
  • Recently a lot of images of the new Star Wars toys have surfaced around the internet. Someone in Canada actually found the Millennium Falcon at retail already. To my delight (but not my wallets) there have been many pictures of different colored/designed clones. Sweetness.
NECA's Slimer figure.

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