Thursday, June 19, 2008

'This Is Your Lightsaber'

It's as if thousands of voices cried out in rapture, and no longer have reason to remain silent.

LucasArts has officially announced Star Wars The Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels (the original title, Star Wars The Clone Wars: Attack of Awkwardly Placed Punctuation: Like Colons: Lightsaber Duels, was apparently scrapped) as a Wii-only release to tie into the forthcoming Clone Wars movie, which ties into the forthcoming Clone Wars TV show, which ties into the forthcoming Clone Wars marketing blitz, which ties into an inevitable series of posts by Joey.

The game is a lightsaber simulator, pure and simple. From /Film:
“Clone Wars for the Wii is all about lightsaber dueling. It’s about swinging your Wii remote like a Lightsaber and recreating what we know will be classic Lightsaber battles from the movie and the show,” producer Ken Fox told IGN. “We’ve tried to make the lightsaber control as intuitive and fun as possible. It’s not a Lightsaber simulator, but when you swing your Wii remote left to right; your character does the same. You use the thumbstick on the nunchuck to move your character and swing the Wii remote to swing your Lightsaber. The buttons all do cool stuff like use the force, block and dodge, but the focus is really on putting the Wii remote in the players hand and saying ‘This is your Lightsaber!’”

I hope Yak Face is unlockable.

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